Kortlynn Jenae’ Johnson is an inspirational figure who has made a name for herself in multiple fields. From plus-size modeling to comedy and content creation, she has proven that versatility is key to success. Kortlynn’s hard work and dedication have landed her gigs with major brands like Target, Walmart, and JC Penney Salon. Her experience as a coordinator for Hearst Digital Media further showcases her ability to excel in a variety of roles. 

Currently, Kortlynn is freelancing as a model, content creator, and entertainment journalist, conducting interviews with top talent and even serving as a red carpet correspondent for the 2022 Urban World Film Festival. Through her work, Kortlynn has built a strong digital presence and has curated branded content for several clients, including being an ambassador for Forever 21 Plus and an integrated influencer for Hulu at the 2022 Essence Festival. Kortlynn’s success is a testament to her talent, hard work, and determination.

"I've been scared throughout it all, but I chose purpose over fear."

Kortlynn Jenae'